Kanye is defending his woman against the likes of Nick Cannon, Drake, and Tyson Beckford, all men who appear to have a fixation around speaking on, or leading insinuations regarding his wife, Kim Kardashian. While most sites are calling the below videos “Heated” rants, its far from it. Ye is walking down the street and calmly expressing his thoughts, obviously showing a ‘little’ frustration as I’m sure any man in his position would.

Think Kanye has a point here? I definitely do. I like Drizzys music (well, I like his writers music), but as a person I feel Drake can be widly snake-ish yo, which is not primarily his fault, he’s lightskinned…. those tendencies are natural. . But just like Ye, something doesn’t doesn’t sit right with me either.

Think we will we get a response from Drake, Tyson Beckford, or Nick Cannon regarding the below??