The Electric Daisy Carnival (commonly referred to as EDC) was originally located in Los Angeles California, that’s before its attendance sky rocketed to a level that only a city like Vegas would open their arms embracing the nations largest, and most anticipated music festival of the year.

The music festival takes place in the entirety of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway,  with the surrounding parking areas transformed into on site festival camping grounds complete with AC installed Shift POD2 tents, beds, artificial turf, and electricity.

The staff invested alot of attentive details into the experience. Building an entire MECCA of activities outside surrounding the camp grounds.

I came the year onsite camping was introduced at the speedway. Aside from a few expected setbacks which were immediately handled (minimal AC power outage, no working showers) the overall experience was amazing. All the campers were chill AF, polite, turnt, and the energy and vibe the entire weekend was very reminiscent of how you’d imagine it to be.

Entrance into the festival was pretty much direct access from the grounds. A 100yd walk from the campsite. Access didn’t take long at all, security wasn’t trying to roleplay as customs agents (by the way, I arrived late Thursday night and was caught in a car line for approx 4hrs.. so arriving early even for campers is highly suggessted) the security on the day of arrival were apparently being overly cautious until the decision was made that we wont make it inside until EDC2019, so they relaxed up something serious, then everything was peaches.

The Festival… oh my THE FESTIVAL! It definitely exceeded expectations in almost every facet of the rave/music festival experience. Walking inside from the campgrounds you enter at the top of the speedway stadium. For a first timer. and soon to be multi-timer, I was blown away..

EDC at night is what would happen if Disney World had an acid trip. The Design and production was planned out to the smallest details to hit EVERY sense. The attendees (all 400k) came in a labyrinth of attire.. from 100% costumed, to 5% costumed.. how you presented yourself was entirely up to your imagination. People were amazingly social, and approachable… and concerning. Walking into any stage set you’re immediately overtaken by not only an insane sea of people vibing the f**k out something hard.. but music that feels like it’s possessing you.. I honestly tried to look cool and “sway” ..let’s see how that works out for you.. I’ve never moved so hard in MY LIFE.

Being a personality not entirely suited for mass, close proximity audiences, I was very comfortable moving throughout the festival grounds. Whether it was recieving complimentary bodies sprays in the heat from random strangers, constant outfit compliments, or trading the legendary creative “Kandi”.. no one can go the attire event without meeting an impacting group or individual.

My biggest issues were the pricing, and the exit strategies put in place for campers. Prices were RIDICULOUSLY high. Water; 8$. Lemonade (heavily packed ice water with a lemon) damn near 12$, even for campers who paid close to 2grand were overcharged on almost every item available for sale. There was no proper plan for campers leaving the last night of the festival. No transportation or support was in place. It was somewhat a mini headache. The pricing wasn’t an issue for me considering the level of production that went into this event. I just wish there was some offset with in-event pricing and campground pricing. My “experience” rating would have been much higher without the high cost of foods, water and other essential items. It’s still reasonable because for campers we obviously had the option of bringing and preparing our own food.

Overall, #EDCLV2018 was an unforgettable experience. I’m VERY excited for next year and looking forward to another massive rave and music festival under the Las Vegas Electric Sky. No major issues, the people was GREAT, and it was nothing but LOVE the entire event.

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Music & Production100%
Event Price80%
Camping Price80%
Event Experience70%
Camping Experience70%
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  • Crowd Atmosphere
  • Design and Production
  • Camp Ground Setup
Least Official
  • Misc Prices
  • Entry/Exit Coordination
83%Overall Score
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