Three distinctively different tracks dropped this quarter from relatively unknown artists between (Aug-October 2018) each unique in their own right.. the depth brought into each is what makes them equally powerful.  I recommend checking out more of these artists musical libraries, I doubt you’d be disappointed. Experience new blessings. For those who may not be followers of the Battle Rap Scene, can you guess by the music which two artists below are widely known /famous among the battle rap community?

Ray Vaughn – You Don’t Even Care You Hurt Me

Ray Vaughn is the God of Heart Break flows, every piece of content he drops takes you through another emotional saga story.

J-Jon | Die Poor

J-Jon has been likened to that of Joyner Lucas with his impressively creative ability to marry lyrics and visuals so richly to deliver emotional messages and impacts through his music.

Daylyt – Lytskin

Daylyt, Daylyt is without a doubt my top artists out on both spectrum’s of the industry. His content takes deep listening, and his abstract flow (added with his ability to stay so well on topic as his flow fluctuates so adversely

Aye Verb Ft Aida Ade “Beautiful Creatures

“We’re all flawed beautiful people, we’re all flawed beautiful creatures” Aye Verb comes hitting with a Charts ready SMASH! I fell in love with this song… the sound, the production, the vibe.. all on point.