Much credit to be given to the amazing Choreography of Sean Lew, but one cannot overlook the absolutely astounding work of Tims #TMillyTV production. His visual captures adds a rich dynamic to the artists performances and so much more depth. This is a great segment, and a dance title that perfectly describes the visual relationship between Tims creative eye and the dancers self expressions.

He Gets It

“Beyond Tim’s understanding of cinematographic angle, and it’s usefulness in portraying captivating depth and tactile feel to the choreography, his specific and intentful light choices are simply ethereal; notice the backlighting adds a deep, thick, fluid textured dimension (backdrop of sorts)–being rich and golden (like ‘oil’), washing the foreground in warmth, yet paradoxically in an artist show of visual double-entendrè, interfacing with the texture of the floor-grain to produce what appears to almost look like ripples on some placid body of water. This amalgam, this visual juxtaposition of otherwise opposing visual concepts is sublime, and once again signifies Tim’s artistic sensibilities and inclinations as some of the most profound and distinct! – Contrition (YouTube).