Lecrae, NF, Witt Lowry, Ryan Caraveo, Flame.. I have to admit, I haven’t heard much on any of these artists until I decided to tune into Kiss FM, then leading me into a Pandora Exploraganza of new music for my training sessions. At the time, I was working out pretty heavy, fueled off emotion (a tad bit of anger…) so my music needed to be a cocktail of emotional, angry, reflective music (not saying these artists fall into that category, they do not… but their music definitely pulled something out of me. When a song does something for you, the true act of a real fan of music is to share it. I wanted to branch off from my usual HipHop listening plate, and EDMs beats wereno longer matching my intensity, I needed songs to penetrate my psyche this time. These artists did just that.

Side Note: NF, Hopsin, and Witt Lowry are artists who have received back-slash for sounding similar to Eminem.., which is far from it. It’s apparent Eminem influenced their style (as he did many artists over the past decade), however they have managed to create a sound unique to them, and most importantly their content reaches the right ears, and have been making great impacts on their listeners.

Hopsin – Fly

This song hit me on so many levels. Rarely (if ever now) do you hear an artist speak on societal issues so effectively, especially issues that directly affect their own personal brand. Hopsin has been opening eyes and minds for some time, his ILL MIND of hopsin series (total of 9 songs) are just a deep in content and thought, while displaying powerful lyrical ability and song construction.

Lecrae – I’ll Find You

Lecrae teams up with Tori Kelly to drop a POWERFUL visual for “I’ll Find You” …I don’t listen to many Christian artists, mostly because I never feel their content/message is genuine and the music feels forced. Lecrae has been able to keep my attention with every project, this song reminds us to keep strong in our right and not to let the battle consume us… just hold on!


Witt Lowry – Last Letter

Truthfully, when I first heard this song I was in the gym training,

“We was told, it was progressing and you had less than a week, true love is every tear when we told you we have to leave and how we would converse and not once did we need to speak, then a day later in October you passed away in your sleep”

When that part hit, I damn near broke down… rough. Became a real fan of Witt after he managed to bring out those emotions and past feelings I thought I had buried, that’s what a great song does to you.


Ryan Caraveo – Real Right Now & Ghost

Ryan Caraveo reminds a lot of people of Drake, not necessarily because of his smooth sound when delivering lyrics, but his great ability at constructing songs (and his smooth sounds). A very creative artists who doesn’t get near the recognition you’d expect. His songs are without a doubt deserving of being on consistent rotation on anyones playlist.

NF – How Could You Leave Us

NF is next up. This man has been dropping gem, after gem, after gem for LONG ENOUGH. With a slight Jab by his idol Eminem referring to NF as being a “recovery clone” on his Kamikaze album, (likely stemming from NF’s album project “Therapy Sessions”) it definitely didn’t phase NF’s audience, nor myself. As anyone with a listening ear and eye can see NF has definitely carved out his own lane and looks up to Eminem (as many young artists do).


NF – Let You Down

Although we all respect Eminem as being a G.O.A.T. If I were him I’d steer clear of pulling his fan artists into his ego-spills, many fans of eminem who are also New NF fans didn’t take too well to the thought of Eminem dissing a *great* artists who has shown nothing but respect and appreciation towards him. NF is humble, a great entertainer, and you need to check out some of his music.

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