I’m probably reaching here (blame the timing), but it feels though Nick Cannons VLADTV interviews may have something to do “possibly small in nature” but SOMETHING to do with this pretty interesting news. VladTV began putting out an 8 part (possibly more) series of interviews in which the Wild’N Out Captain was dropping major industry jewels. The segments caught the attention of quite a few big names, including Kanye West… which led to a brief back and forth between the two. I immediately gained interest into Nicks Insights, and the series showed just how intelligent and aware of the industry and it’s operations he actually is. Many people including myself began encouraging MORE content like this from Nick.

If ya dunno.. Nick Cannon is headed to LATE NIGHT TV… and on which platform you ask, FOX. Dun Dun Duuuuun!!! hahaha.

Really though, this is planned to be variety style tv show that will be comprised of current event discussions, celeb interviews, and obviously comedy and music.

Which Fox having sold their Soul, (and everything else) to Walk Disney earlier this year, a deal that’s set to close and finalize early 2019, it leads me to wonder what chess moves the media giant has in store.

The news came just as Nick was celebrating his 37th Birthday on October 8th, 2018.

Nick is also scheduled to host “The Masked Singer”, a celebrity competition show on FOX, as well as his continued involvement with the Teen Choice Awards.

Definitely a HUGE and official shoutout to Nick Cannon for making MAJOR INDUSTRY MOVES.