Now this is just classic. Remember a few days back when MGK posted the Photo of him rocking a “KILLSHOT” Tee, flaring his middle finger with a large crowd of fans behind him following suit? Mr Man Bun has been working VERY HARD to stay afloat as the entire music industry is watching, simply to see a BODY… and that Epic photo? Well, well, phookin’ well!!! It was all BS, the crowd of fans were there to see Fallout Boy perform, Mr MGK just finessed the moment for exploitation. He was rocking a jacket with his back turned to concert-goers, at which time he took off the jacket exposing the shirt for the image. Once he turned around and begin performing the song, many in the crowd realized they had just been pawned, and the boo’ing began.

I personally feel a little bad for the Young Gun Bun. I think he definitely needs to step away and take some time off because he’s quickly drowning himself attempting to spar with the Rap Gawd. I can only imagine the creative bar Eminem would make of this, we are all awaiting to hear what MGKs response to this situation is.