I watched the fight, and I cringed a good 50 or so times while watching. The level of cringe watching McGregor get turned into Childs Play by Khabib was insane. What’s even more insane is the fact that McGregor is already seeking a “make me look like a kid again” rematch. Considering the post fight brawl that took place, seems that the atmosphere is already being staged for another confrontation between the two fighters. That is, depending on the severity of whatever the Nevada Commission decides to hand down on Khabib due to his brawl with McGregors team. (The Commission is currently withholding Khabibs winnings until he faces the panel).

Here is a longer summary with Dana White, including McGregors plan for a rematch. 

Interview with Dana White, he says Conor McGregor has asked for an immediate rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov following his loss to him at UFC 229 and because of the way Khabib acted after he won.

My opinion, McGregor doesn’t truly want no smoke with Khabib, his performance was VERY amateur, he looked winded, childish, and amateur in skill against the amazingly talented ground fighter (he also gave McGregor that work in hand to hand as well). To think he’s seeking a rematch after not only getting his ass handed to him effortlessly, but after disrespecting the mans culture, religion, and family… Pffft, you’re going to get phased out again, homie.


Images from the fight. 


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