Locksmith delivers a raw take on his current lane in the HipHop Industry. Hinting at the pressure of following the emerging trends and waves in music, and how many artist speaking down on the current trends eventually find themselves absorbed into it. He talks about being asked to be released from his contract, which judging by the content the of song, was due to lack of faith, promotion, and backing from his label (isn’t that always the story).  Either way, this would appear to be a great move for the Bay Area Artist as any (most) contract in today’s age of music would be backpedaling for most with the amount of avenues and resources available to independent artist (with a hustlers mentality) 🙂

Great music and visual from Locksmith!


I don’t need a boss or a label to police me, I don’t need a [sic] or a loss to increase me, did it f“or a year then I told ’em to release me
that’s just the bruises you take when you finally arrive, scraping my checks man I had to survive suffocating, I’m supplicating my income …shit’s done bottled my pride..
Trusting a person that you thought was deserving is even worst when you have to sever ties…
to the extreme now, for someone who seems down, is sorta the theme now… (show) any emotion, any devotion that you hoped to receive is a steed that you never should’ve rode.
Selling you lies cause they fresh outta truth, blaming the tide but that’s not no excuse how can you follow a wave, and then try to behave like you didn’t look down on it too. Niggas will tell you that something is lame, wait for like 3 years and then do the same I’m just staying in my lane, while keeping the mindframe of flaming you mother^$#@ who act obtuse
Locksmiths Latest "Gimme A Sec" Video Talks Riding Music Trends
Overall, this was a good track. As far as the visual, I feel the theme was a bit corny and may have took away from the depth the track could have brought. The creative direction there should have been more thought out to help bring out the content, especially with the flow/sound that Locksmith Carries.
68%Overall Score
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