The Katt Williams and Kevin hart  spectacle continues. This has been a comedic beef that’s been boiling for a long time. The pot was recently stirred when Katt had an interview on Frank and Wanda in The Morning where he offered up his feelings concerning Kevin Hart, and female Comedian Tiffany Haddish recent rise in the spotlight… he also goes in HEAVY on the radio host, Wanda.

Kevin and Tiffany went to the Breakfast Club to address the Katt Williams Interview.

Fast Forward about a week later… Katt Williams shows up on IG live and goes ALL THE WAY IN on Kevin Hart! Check out some of his comments from the video….

Kevin Hart Doesn’t “World Tour” He only pretends to World Tour.
Kevin Hart Doesn’t “World Tour” He only pretends to World Tour.
Fuck Ass Ni**a
I don’t give a f**k how many crips you pay, you gonna see me in real life, f**k boy.
I was just in the gym, and I’m headed to Mayweathers, and I’m going to knock your mouth sideways, f**k boy. 
I aint Stephen A Smith. I’m really out in these Muthaf**king streets
5’5″ 145 B***h, less than 3% body fat.
Is noone concerned that you keep going in cold, cold, freezing water with other niggas in their drawers?
Everybody just saw the fact that you would do anything to sell a movie.

Check out Kevin Harts Trailing for the upcoming film “Night School”





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