Joyner Lucas - Keep It 100 (508) 507-2209 - POWERFUL!!!
"Keep It 100" is the perfect example of what Hiphop represents the best, its powerful storytelling and raw visuals. Joyner is the best thing never known to HipHop (on a larger scale) and we should all be ashamed of ourselves (new fans, the industry) for not realizing the diamond that's been cracking heads beneath the radar for over a decade!
This Is HipHop!
5.0This Is NICE!
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Yes, I shamelessly admint to having only just stumbled upon Joyner Lucas thanks to Eminem and his (Joyners) Powerful verse in Lucky You… only to find out shortly after that the verse he offered on “Lucky You” paled in comparison to the library of content he’s provided long before then. So excuse the wide AF smile on my face, because I now have a nice backlog of GOOD hiphop music to catch myself up on…