I have to admit, I have never heard much of Joyner Lucas aide from his “POWERFUL” I’m Not Racist” track until his feature on Eminems “Lucky You”… I couldn’t be more appreciative of Em shining the light on this talented emcee. I’ve found myself looking back into his discography, and wow. Joyner is a great artist with an extremely impressive ear of music and sound. His flow and delivery is incredible, and every song I’ve heard explains why Eminem has given this artist so much acclaim.

His content is deep, his flow is ridiculous… and he has also proved to be one you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a verbal sparring session with either. Check out two of my favorite remixes of his below (shutting shit down). Looking back into his portfolio, Frozen isn’t the first time Joyner has touched on strong issues. “I’m Sorry” is a track that focuses on Mental Illness/Suicide, “I’m Not Racist” tackled the heightened racial tension in America, and his song “Ross Capicchioni” details the amazing true story of the teen who survived three gunshots, powerful story.. read it here.

“According to Ross, his “friend” had been seeking entrance into a gang. His form of initiation was to kill someone, anyone. The boy chose Ross; and on June 6th, 2007, he tried to make it happen.”

Before you check out the below remixes, if you haven’t seen or heard his track “I’m Not Racist” Holy shit, you MUST. 

Joyner Lucas – Gucci Gang (Remix) (Literate Version)

Joyner Lucas – Bank Account (Remix)

Joyner Lucas – Mask Off (Remix)

Joyner Lucas – DNA

Joyner Lucas – Winter Blues

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