FIRE🔥 RANDOM People Freestyle to Live Beats
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This really does get better as it progresses, you can feel the energy building as they go along. THIS was exciting to watch. THIS was refreshing. THIS is positivity among strangers then friends, THIS is the REAL ways of SOCIAL NETWORKING. Now I couldn’t call myself Official if I overlooked raw talent such as this, especially when that talent is showcasing a long lost art form. Many “Freestyles” we hear today are rehearsed and pre-written for the sake of saving face and reputation. The amazing thing about a great freestyler is that they can impress ANYONE. The ability to connect and articulate thoughts in an instant… over, and over in a rhyming sequence takes serious mental Stamina (while ensuring it’s entertaining to listen to). We expect freestyle to have many moments of jibberish lol, but make those jibberish moment excited AF. 🙂

This video just made my morning, and offered up a little bit of Nostalgia to my aging woes 🙂 *Whistles*.

Follow and support these guys for putting together some great natural entertainment.







Something you rarely see on YOUTUBE, almost 2 days passed, and not 1 dislike with over 200 likes. I’m sure a hater with the itch for “being first” will pull a beachmove. Until then, loving the wave.

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