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Firing off with "The Ringer" - Eminem is knocking on the doors of the industry and the artists who've settled within it. Kamikaze, while not a JEWEL, it's definitely made its rounds and rose awareness. Everyone is now anticipating the Rap Gods Next Move.
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While not the holy grail of Eminem Projects that the internet initially made Kamikaze out to be, the album definitely has a place  on a fire list somewhere. Eminem jumped back into his bag to deliver a highly controversial album to respond to haters, critics, and a few choice artists such as Drake, MGK, Vince Staples and others (including the garbage Mumble Rap that have infested our air-waves). The Rap God makes the statement that if you’re not J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, or Big Sean… (all of whom write their own music, and have VERY effective and creatively abstract styles AKA Gawds with the pen) then you’re a goner. Let’s hope this reignites some passion into an industry that has long been sitting on its ass.

My Favorite tracks from the project. 

The Ringer –

No time wasted, the ringer opens up with a “First off” approach, attacking artists, mumble rap, and Eminem venting his frustration with the current shit-state of HipHop and the Media that reports it. The production is a classic Dre cadence with a signature Eminem style that rides it well.

“The Era that I’m from will pummel you, that’s what it’s coming too” – Eminem

After about 3 minutes in, the track goes from what appeared to be a Wound up Eminem ready to take off heads, to the usual play with words on a beat Em. Although still enjoyable to listen, it lost a little steam. Oddly enough, speeding this track up by 2x
improves the rawness tenfold! Holy shit…  It impressively goes from a fairly decent track overall, to FIRE.

Lucky You (feat Joyner Lucas) –

This was the first track I officially heard off the album while at work, and so far my favorite track (currently listening). Joyner Lucas held his own over the production with a verse worthy of consistent replay value. Eminem matched Lucas’ energy almost perfectly going into his verse. Listening to an Eminem track reminds me of how much I haven’t been paying attention to flow or lyrics in the recent years music. You don’t leave an Eminem track thinking about the production, or hook, you just leave feeling great for listening to it.

“I got a couple of mentions, still I don’t have any manners… you’ve got a couple of ghost-writers but to these kids it don’t actually matter, they asking me what the f*** happened to HipHop, I reply… I don’t have any answers” – Eminem –    …..sit down somewhere.. Drake.

Stepping Stone

Retrospect. Eminem runs down memory land and places the scope on the relationships with his former group D12, and the mistakes and decisions he made progressing in his career. He speaks on his remorse for using D12 and others in his circle as his stepping stone to his career. Aside from the regret of possibling taking advantage of the group, he also opens up about the pressure and stress of holding the success of the group on his back alone. This is the type of content fans are looking to hear more from Shady. Eminems struggles in the industry, business and lessons learned can receive just as much reception and praise as his personal attack tracks. Having been (still) a dominant figure in a now constantly changing and controversial music industry, we’re sure the stories and perspectives he has to offer will create an odyssey of albums.

“I pray that I don’t fall, cause on the way back down I may, run back into them all… I never meant to use you all as my stepping stones. ” – Eminem


Delivering a powerful visual that many are already attempting to break down, Eminem confronts many artists biggest pitfalls; “Criticism”… as well as confronting today clones in Hip hop while continuing to throw shots are Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, Tyler The Creator and others.. He even mentions his impressive takeover of Lil Wayne’s “Forever Track” (There they go! Packing Stadiums as Shady spits his flow!!!)

“I got no faith in your writers, sorry I don’t believe in ghosts” – Drakes been getting jabbed all through this album


What a way to end the project…  Venom is the song that will very likely go into my Angry workout playlist… it’s just something about Dre’s production with Eminems presence when his volume is even just slightly more aggressive which his signature flow.


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