Holy shit, my ears are in love, YOU’VE BEEN MISSED EMINEM I hope on everything that mumble rap descends into a pit of nothingness never to be heard from again! THIS is what the airwaves needs! THIS IS PHUCKING OFFICIAL!!! The “I AM Legend” Theme is perfectly fitting for this track.

I enjoyed the constrast comparison between Joyners introduction and Eminems… Joyner speaking on what he never got, and Eminem speaking on what he did receive, and doesn’t care.

Also, Joyners starts off with “I’m that Nigga” Eminem says “I’m that cracker” – The Zombies? The copy cats en masse imiting the the few ones with genuine talent. This shit goes hard AF 

Here’s a great breakdown of the visuals.

Man, I called off work and bought an ounce to watch this. Here’s what I think. That whole landscape is what’s left of hip hop. You have the real survivors, the lyricists, spread out against a bunch of nameless faceless “lil” entities that appear to be chasing them. When really, as they get closer, they just copy what the lyricists are doing. That whole sequence in the middle is them laughing at the “enemy” just doing what they do. They can’t act independently with their own creativity. Since they never respected the legends it’s up to the remaining lyricists to fight the battle and set it right. Crooked I said it. There’s a war on truth.
  1. Eminem is GOAT.

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