Which dancer/group performed the better choreography to Eminems Lucky You? Which was more Creative? Entertaining? Official? Aubrey gave me nostalgia of the times me and my friends would bust out the camcorder on a Friday night and Showcase our best footwork before the club, I liked the homemade, streetstar feel he had to his.. The Kinjaz Definitely have my vote for most creative. Mikey DellaVella had the best overall Choreography, and a respectful shoutout to Samantha Long and Samuel for their renditions.

1.)  Video Above: Eminem – Lucky You | Choreography by The Kinjaz (Dallas Cowboys Rehearsal)


2.)  Eminem – Lucky You ft Joyner Lucas – Dance Choreography by Mikey DellaVella ft S-Rank



3.)   “Lucky You” – Eminem | Aubrey Fisher | (Official Dance Video)


4.) Eminem – Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas | Choreography by Samantha Long #TMillyTV


5.)  EMINEM FT. JOYNER LUCAS – “LUCKY YOU” / Choreography by Samuel