Damon Wayans sat down with EURWEB and opened up about his feelings being involved with “Lethal Weapon”. He feels that constantly missing moments with his family and friends has been a contradiction to the actor that he’s been portrayed as on TV. He feels he hasn’t been around enough and is getting too old to work 16 hours days. Most importantly, he says he needs to find his smile again, so he will be returning back to the stage.

Check out the above Interview, you can see in his eyes that he feels worn out, exhausted, and just unhappy. We all love and support you Damon!

I’m going to return to the stage, and try to find my smile again. Last week my mother had surgery, and my daughter had surgery, I had to look them both in the eye and tell them I can’t be there. It’s hard trying to play this loving father, husband and friend on TV, and be the guy in life telling everybody “I can’t I’ve gotta work”. – You can see the hurt in his eyes…. damn.