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MGK Boo’d Off Stage Trying To Dupe Fans

Now this is just classic. Remember a few days back when MGK posted the Photo of him rocking a "KILLSHOT" Tee, flaring his middle finger with a large crowd of fans behind him following suit? Mr Man Bun has been ... [ ... ]

J. Cole Delivers Tribute to Mac Miller

With Mac Millers passing, it sent a wave throughout the industry that once again shone light on the struggles many artists (and fans) are dealing with over the stresses of the industry (and life). J. Cole was c... [ ... ]

Mac Miller Passes Away

Mac Miller died Friday, September 7th of a suspected overdose, according to TMZ. 26 year old Mac Miller was found in his home in San Fernando Valley, California around noon and pronounced dead at the scene. ... [ ... ]

Nike Reaches Market Kap.

Nike Company just made a bold ass move, with a complete awareness of many "peoples" disdian for former Quarterback Kaepernicks previous stance towards the NFL and National Anthem, they decided to mount up on so... [ ... ]