Looks like the tides are changing in the mess of a spectacle between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Cardi address 8 minutes of rumors, allegations, and the movements of Nicki Minaj.

Here is a quick run-down on what she addresses.


  1. Speaks on the night of the altercation
  2. Says Nicki can’t pick a side (are you a victim or the aggressor)
  3. Spoke on the Motorsports tracks (Nicki constantly redoing her verse, and the disses she made)
  4. Talks about the Creepy Kush Remix (Nicki Claims Cardi B was trying to stop her “bag”)
  5. Says Nicki Yelled at Managers for Giving Cardi B the G-Eazy No Limit record (Nicki initially turned this down). Note: G-Eazy and Nicki Minaj have the same management.
  6. Confronts Nicki about her Cardi B “Payola” allegations.
  7. Speaks on the leaked phone numbers every-time someone in Nicki’s confronts with anyone.
  8. Blames Cardi B for 21 Savage not doing a music video with Nicki (says the song wasn’t doing good)
  9.  Says She is helping Nicki get money (Nicki took deals from those that Cardi B Declined).
  10. Tell Nicki “We can talk about it”, or we can “Fight it out”, say’s I’m with “Whatever”
  11. Speaks on how much she respects Nicki, and always showed respect, but won’t suck her D&*K like other.
  12. Says Nicki is messing up her legacy looking like a hater.

“Miss Chun Li, the street fighter?…. GTFOH!” – Cardi B      hahahaha….

Do You agree with Cardi? WE SURE AS HELL DO!