The scene couldn’t be more primed for another film of this genre, Altitude Films are releasing “VS”,  a movie set in the Exploding Battle Rap World of the United Kingdom. The movie Stars Ed Lily, and co-stars one of the UK’s most noteable battle rappers, Shotty Horroh.

To get a better perspective on what you can expect from their style of Battle Rap, check out the below matchup between Shotty Horroh, and New Jerseys, Arsenal (another highly viewed battle rapper from the United States). The Below YouTube video has already amassed over 11 millions views. With a less than impressive) part two sitting just over 1 million. No ones really fuc&$ with the sequels anyway.

With the industry already abuzz thanks to MGK, Joyner Lucas, and Eminem, we couldn’t be more ripe for the release. An obvious change in accent may present itself as an obstacle crossing over into the states, although the culture of battle rap is extensive in America the outside audiences may find the differences a bit unnerving.

Start Summary
A troubled foster kid uses his scathing word skills to become an unlikely rap battle champion. But when he gets caught up in his own hype, he must confront his past to accept who he really is. VS. is an urban rites-of-passage drama set in the hostile and exciting UK rap battle scene.
End Summary

Either way, the trailer does spark a bit of curiosity. A seemingly significant resemblance to 8mile as far as plot, except future is a woman, and the girlfriend is a mother. One area I don’t particularly like about the film is that the main characters are not artists (as far as the trailer provides). Making this style of “hiphop” appear more like a game of pick-up by anyone… something that many would say led to the rapid saturation of Battle Rap today. Though I’ll reserve further judgement until after it’s October release.

What do you al think? Can this film hold a candle to 8 Mile? Or do you think it’s an entirely different platform and direction?