Dumbo Fly’s Into The Bigscreen

Time to prepare to bask in memories of childhood and soften up this tough exterior, for what is likely going to be an hour plus of emotions and bids of sappiness.. Bring it on! We're talking about Dumbo here...... [ ... ]

Salif Lasource BODIES Michael Jacksons Moon-Walk

It's not just simply the dancing skills he has... it's @salif_crookboyz personality and  happiness that shows through when he's dancing... I got happy (pause), going through his videos... and I wasn't in the be... [ ... ]

TSU SURF – “At My Mother’s House” 🔥

Tsu Surf is a Battle Rapper from Newark, New Jersey, and has recently been making waves with his music. Check out this video, Surf drops gem after gem of hard content in this story... visuals and effects are pr... [ ... ]