Nick Cannon has been an actor, comedian, businessman, and fly on the wall in Hollywood for over 20 years. It’s no surprise that he would be privvy to the good, the bad, and the ugly of the entertainment industry. We’ve all heard the stories.. the constant whispers of pedophilia, ensuing harassment, casting couches, sexual exploitation and trade-offs, and the how the industry hustles those seeking entry. This multi-part interview was conducted by Vladtv back in 2017 (I’m not a fan of Vlad, but every now and then .. once a year maybe, I come across an interview with actual content and depth on his platform. I posted 4 parts of his 6 part interview. Interviews like these are always interesting because many of the people who are working so hard to break into the industry don’t realize it works on a completely different axle than they may think.

Nick Cannon on Models Being Brokered Off to Old Rich White Men –

  • Victoria Secret Models, Social Media Models, IG Models, High Fashion Models, etc.. are all doing the exact same thing as a stripper hustling in a strip club
  • These models are all wanted to resemble little girls by looking thin, fresh, and young because weight makes them look older.
  • All of the Fashion industry sells sex (on the surface), behind the scenes they are being accosted by rich, dirty, nasty, millionaires seeking out young girls.
  • He asks “Why would a 60-65 year old man be at a party with teens, and 20 y/o models?
  • Young girls/Models are brought form foreign countries, and shown extravagant items in order to easily get them.
  • Most of these models we see on Yachts are “getting banged on that yacht” at night.

Nick Cannon: Every Actress in Hollywood Has Dealt with Sexual Misconduct

  • acting classes are essentially a hustle, extorting want to be actors.
  • agents are hustling people seeking help, sending them to acting classes (in return for a kickback) from that class for referring. Instead of telling clients “no” they reference them to acting classes to receive a kickback.
  • (People who become actors have WORKED their way into it by creating)
  • Hollywood life is about relationships, who you know, and what information you have on a person.
  • No matter how talented you are, or how much noise you make in your work, until someone major “pushes a button” you’ll never really move forward.
  • The idea of advertising and marketing is about beauty, beauty broken down is sexuality, and entertainment essentially is an uncomfortable situation, aka a “cattle call”.

Nick Cannon Calls the Energy in the Entertainment Industry “Dark & Demonic”

  • When you’re in this position to change peoples lives, and you hold the keys to what they consider success, you see a different aspect of that person.
  • People will do anything to achieve their goals, to get what they want.
  • It’s dark and demonic energy and manipulation the industry was built on.
  • an accusation can ruin your career (and arguing against the accuser tends to further shame the male).

Nick Cannon: Hollywood Started with Studio Heads Sleeping with Actresses  –

  • The Casting Couch is A REAL THING, ABSOLUTELY.
  • Going back to the origins of Hollywood, Actresses would make deals, with the studio heads (who were having sex with the actresses).