With the 2018 Mr. Olympia prize money hitting a record $950,000.00, the competition was definitely sure to be intense. Of the Competitive Divisions represented at the Olympia, Classic Physique was by far the most exciting, and talked about division throughout Social Media, and bodybuilding fans and vloggers alike. This year was a challenging lineup with some of the most anticipated athletes all vying to take home the Mr O’ Classic Physique title. Many expected the 2017 Champ, Breon Ansley to be dethroned, but it appears the physique gods had different plans for the extremely well conditioned bodybuilder.


Breon listened to constant criticism, negativity, and doubts throughout the year as many expected him to be removed from winning his second title by below Newcomer Chris Bumstead, who took second place to Breon and a decent $8k prize money.

Chris Bumstead came into the show under-conditioned, and not at all prepared to take on Breon for the win.

A Major congrats to Breon on his 2x Olympia Classic Physique Win, and a NOOICE $20k Price earning to go along with it.

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