In this video, I'll share 5 great cardio methods which will help you burn fat and tone up your body.

The workout splits can be found below:

Incline intervals
4 rounds – raise incline each round
Round 1: 1 min - 0% 13.0 speed
Round 2: 2 min - 3% - 12.0 speed
Round 3: 3 min - 6.5% - 9.0 speed
Round 4: 4 min - 10.5% - 7.0 speed
Rest: 1 min or so between every interval

Oberg plyo-split
Pushup – Burpee – Quick feet – Jumping lunges
1 min active work, 20 sec rest. 5-10 rounds

Jump rope
1 min quick jumping – rest 15 sec
3-5 rounds

Push-up box jump
30 sec – rest 15 sec
3-5 rounds

10 sec sprints – 10 sec rest
10 sets x 3 rounds
We will be focusing on some high-intensity cardio methods, like HIIT, but also some explosive plyometrics inspired moves. Pick out 2-3 methods you like and I promise you will have a killer workout with great results ahead of you. In the plyo split we want our body to work really hard, with explosive moves in a short amount of time. In the jumping rope, we're still working quite intensive but in a more consistent way, for one minute each. The push-up box jump I think is a great combination of body-weight strenght and stamina. It will keep your pulse high and work your muscles really good. The last exercise are supposed to be really exhausting and fast sprints, here you should give it like your all on every run. They're very short, 10 seconds each, but I promise you it will be hard!

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