It took a roller coaster of personal battles, losses, finding myself running in place for years, and losing things I never imagined I would... including parts of myself (figuratively) before I would find my purpose... one that was with me the entire time.. I use to always hear people say you need to hit rock bottom to truly understand who you are and recognize your strength, though I didn't understand it until I found myself there.

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It feels like it comes out of nowhere. One day you wake up and your life is nothing like yesterday. Everything feels wrong, every direction you turn appears dark. How do you change a situation that you're constantly mentally embedding yourself deeper within? It happens when you begin questioning why and how... because it always leads to one conclusion, YOU. You start backwards thinking, and it makes it tougher to think ahead. It's clouded by anger, emotions, time lost... and a perceived inability to make things right. In an effort to escape darkness, we often create our own to give the false feeling of control... Alcohol, drugs, or simply becoming stationary with no motivation to move on.

The only way to change is through acceptance and realization. Accepting all actions and decisions that led to the point you are now in. The toughest part are the initial small steps needed to make a breakthrough.. You are still conditioned to loss and constant reminders through your current situation, so small steps (although impacting) appears benign. Evaluating your environment, and everyone within it... especially those who were present during your 'crisis'. Too many times we attempt to transform ourselves while trying to carry along those who were never beneficial from the beginning. In order to change the way you move, you need to change the way you see, and for that to happen, you must change the way you think. Understand that all things begins from thought, then action, and recognizing the amount of control we actually have in creating our life. There is no one, or thing that can make us happy... we create our moments and situations, and our perceptive ability is what gives us the strength to recreate things in our favor so they advance us and not restrict us from new possibilities.

I assure you, it's not the end. I know how overwhelming it feels... there are times when it seems you are literally one event from total breakdown. The times where it feels like going forward is useless and you are too far behind to make a difference. The work it requires to change is difficult, and that too can feel overwhelming because the results are not as immediate as they are when you do nothing. But when you do nothing, you make moving forward even more complicated... and you make tragedy much easier to find you and latch on.

You don't need to rebuild Rome in a day, you need to appreciate and fall in love with the process of building. It's not the end result that makes the difference, it's the journey and experiences of putting it all together. The end results would be nothing without them. YOU would be nothing without them.

Love every step you make, as if there are no others ahead. Let each step be a victory. Too many people are attempting to their lives at the behest and appreciation of others.. so much that when they try to pull back and live for themselves it can feel lonely, depression... and even more difficult to find yourself again.

I wish the best for everyone lost on their path. The answer to what we want in and from life can only be provided by us.