Jeff Nippard provides the most in-depth, science based information towards training your back to maximize on both thickness and width. Which exercises are better at stabilization? Growth? Width? How do you target your lats without activating your biceps, traps or shoulders? Check out the below video, the best way to train is smart!

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4 Main Areas of Your Back

1. Trapezius

Contributes mostly to the appearance of Back thickness
  • Upper Traps - Scapular Elevation (Shrug)
  • Mid Traps - Scapular Retraction (Row)
  • Low Traps - Scapular Retraction, Scapular Depression (Row)

2. Latissimus Dorsi
Contributes mostly to appearance of back width
  • Shoulder Adduction - Bring the arm closer to the body when out to the side
  • Shoulder Extension - Bring the arm closer to the body when out to the front

For optimal lats development, we should be performing exercises that train shoulder adduction and shoulder extension.

3. Rhomboid Major Rhomboid Minor
  • Main functions: Scapular Retraction
  • Muscles are targeted with same basic exercises that targets the mid traps.

4. Erector Spinae