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Size:  115.6 KB's 2018 Spokesmodel, MegSquats, speaks on her experience gaining a WWE tryout. Pretty interesting story. She also gives her tips on how to best prepare and train for the event.

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You all asked to hear my experience with my WWE tryout. A couple of years ago, I was scouted by a friend who worked at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach (The Mecca), and passed my athletic and acting resume on to a scout who got me to an official WWE Tryout in Orlando Florida.

I did not make it to be a WWE Diva, but I do want to share my experience with you so that you know what to expect if you ever make it to a tryout, or how to get there yourself. Biggest tips are to be VERY vocal on social media about the fact that you want to get there, and be VERY vocal about any training or relevant experiences you may have. Show interest in fitness, build a social following if you can, and start young. The indie wrestling scene is there if you are especially interested in just wrestling. I do mention that it seems as if the WWE is less interested in any indie wrestling experience, as they'd rather teach you how they move and operate. OF COURSE, there are plenty of Divas and Superstars who come from other wrestling organizations.

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The ring portion of the tryout will include rolling, taking bumps and flip bumps, running the ropes, and A LOT of exercises and drills inbetween. The company culture is very buttoned up, so get your "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes, Sirs" ready to go, and prepare to shake a lot of hands.

I hope this is helpful for you and good luck to all you future Superstars and DIVAS!

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