Your 2018 goal should be focused on building your brand! Strengthening your presence online, and kicking ass so you can live better! Keep those neurons firing this year and making the most of every day most importantly. For those influencers and brand builders looking to hit the next level on their Youtube Channels and IG pages, take note of the below pointers, and good luck! Whatever you do, make it Official!

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1. Content
The nature of your content should be something you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Many people create content because of trending fads or the popularity of someone else. If you're not passionate about what you are doing it will resonate with the audience. It needs to be something you are naturally excited about. So your content will not only come across as great (because you spent the time on it), but natural, and original.

2. Consistency
If you upload once a day, make it once a day. If you upload once a week, make it once a week, etc. Inconsistency in content creation causes a huge loss in subscribers. A lot of content creators will upload daily for weeks, then take a hiatus for a few months, some even longer. This is why content schedules are important. It improves on both the consistency, and quality by developing better preparation.

3. Frequency
Fitness commentator and YouTube vlogger, "Nicks Strength and Power" experienced a growth of over 45k subscribers within one month by uploading 3 videos a day. (Quality videos) not recycled content. You can't upload content for the sake of spamming content, it WILL affect you. Make sure people are liking/engaging with your content as well. Uploading frequently IS GOOD, only if it's quality content! (Quality, Consistency, and Frequency). It's also pretty cool to note that using the philosophies being mentioned here, his channel went from 100k to 250k subscribers over the course of 2017.

4. Have a Goal in Mind
And constantly work towards making that goal. (believe that you can achieve that goal, visualize it, (the power of self fulfilling prophecy.) Have a goal, see it, and constantly work towards it. If you don't truly believe in what you are doing no one else will. It also makes it much easier to put the necessary time and work in when you are already know what and why you are doing it.

5. Pay attention to the engagement on your content
Let people know their voice is being heard. Building a sense of community, and letting the people feel included in something. People follow because they also like the content, let them know they have a voice.

6. Pleasing Everyone
No matter what content you make, or what you do.. someone will troll you. Regardless of the sensitivity, time, or value of the content, You CANNOT please everyone. It's statistically impossible.

7. Dealing with trolls

  • Funny trolls; they contribute to the overall content in a broad sense (funny and harmless)
  • Cancer trolls; death threats, racial slurs, swearing, etc... they are a cancer because allowing them to continue will kill the audience engagement.
  • Never Ever Reply to a TROLL. Don't comment back, don't make a video or content about them, don't respond to the troll. Just block, and move on. Constructive criticism is good.. but hateful criticism should not be allowed. Also, don't block everyone, it will turn others off, only deal with the ones that are a detriment to your channel.

8. Pay attention to analytics.
Analytics does a great job in showing how to better your videos. Refining your content based on those analytics. Learning how to title your content better, using better thumbnails.. which age groups, countries, genders, etc.. Analytics provides thorough details to help you improve your channel.

9. Work HARD.
Nothing great happens overnight. Even with quality content, it takes a collaborated focus of communication and engagement, promoting your material and expressing the value in a way the message is unique. Everyone's time is valuable, in order to attract them, you need to become someone of value. Whether it be constant inspiration, motivation, or you're developing a unique service they may like. You need to put the work in to make sure your efforts are recognized. Also ensure your brand is strong. Most people associate brand a logo or some representing image. The brand is everything that attaches itself to your name. Be conscious of your goal, and you'll become conscious of the things you do that are required towards meeting it.