In this age you would think large corporations would learn when it comes to servicing social media influencers, especially one holding well over 20+ Million combined fans and followers; ranging from a staggering army of middle school kids, high schoolers. and college students with nothing better to do than wait around to receive an order 66 from their prized vlogger.

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Welo (or should I say "Yelp") Boca Ratons Upscale Luxury Hotel in Florida learned the HARD WAY. The Manager who noticed YouTube Prankster Vitaly upon check-in allowed his anxiety to get the best of him. Instead of professionally meeting with the Famous YouTuber, they went more pre-emptive and called Floridas Finest to simply assist in escorting him out of the Hotel.

I should mention that he went to this hotel with NO INTENTION of pranking, but to enjoy a New Years weekend with his girlfriend, and IG model (). Vitaly immediately whipped out his phone and began recording the encounter, and requesting his followers to tear down the Hotels Yelp review... Oh wait, not just YELP, but Yahoo, Facebook, Google, and anywhere where the Hotel held a presence, and tear they did... Knocking the upscale destination down from an almost 5 star review to a desperate 2, possibly 1 before the weekend concludes.

You gotta wonder, who the Hell runs this hotels PR? Was the manager spawned from 2001? Even the police seems to have a "this is some bullshit" approach to the entire ordeal. I'm pretty sure Boca Raton Resorts 2018 resolution is restructuring brand management.

Yelp will likely remove most of the reviews, but the damage has been done. The hotels booking system was affected, customer service greatly disrupted, current residents of the hotels couldn't order simple room service due to flooding call lines from Vitalys #villains. I would pay hefty to have been a fly on the wall at the front desk.

Vitaly showed the power of his brand, and it was pretty fucking awesome. While many Social Media Personalities have a large following, few have the impact to actually create action in the way his followers displayed. He has definitely given the hotel chain a great lessons learned to take with them into 2018.