When thinking through the body…. A person can only live out their genetic destiny, nothing new will EVER happen, everyday is a repeat of past experiences, thoughts, and feelings. The persons entire days perception are based on feeling,. Their mind is a servant to their body. When thinking through the mind, the possibilities of discovering, engaging in, and having better control of new realities are infinite.

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"The ruling mentality of a person determines their personal destiny"

Did you know that every-time you have a thought, a chemical fires into your body which in turn provides a feeling/sensation in relation to that thought? People who spend their days, weeks, months, years idling in negativity and bad habits have inundated their bodies with chemicals to the point their entire perception of life is based on these feelings.

Feeling becomes the means of thinking, so much so that a persons character is now hard-coded with these feelings as the foundation that makes up that persons overall personality.

Thought is an actual force of substance even though it’s invisible. Thoughts are like electricity that travel through all the thinking stuff in the quantum field that makes up our entire universe faster than the speed of light. Thoughts are power! Power cannot react without producing an affect. What we hold in our mind inevitably takes form in the outer world. - The Law Of Thinking.

You're on auto-pilot, and you don't even realize it.

The body should not be a servant to the mind. When you allow your body to dictate your thinking, you are putting a system in place that will become the standard of your typical daily action. In order to evolve, new experiences must continually be engaged and reinforced. These new experiences fires up the frontal lobe.

Using the neo-cortex, the brain has to reassemble new ways of firing to examine the new questions, ideas, and thoughts. Many people are addicted to a feeling... the feeling that the world is against them, the feeling that their efforts will never be good enough, etc.. etc.. these feelings became thoughts, which only poisons the mind, because...

Thoughts are power!... Power cannot react without producing an affect.

How much of your day are controlled thoughts? How many are reactive and auto-piloted based on past reactions, trauma's etc.. What do you think of? Are they progressive, productive thoughts? Do not let your body control your mind.

Let your mind create the vision you set for yourself, imagine how you should feel, think, and be... imagine the details and every subtlety. Train your mind to answer only to the desires and necessities of the vision you created.

Know that your state of being is a direct result of your state of thinking not the other way around.