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    TheRippedEffect I Live For This Shit
    In this video I show you 6 new exercises for the booty/glutes/butt. The full program can be found below. Just take a screenshot and go! (This video is re-edited and re-uploaded due to the original video being blocked in certain countries.)

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    Top 6 exercises for growing a bigger booty!

    1.Squat with miniband-kicks
    4set x 12-15reps

    2.Upper presses in smith machine
    4set x 10-15reps

    3.Cable squats
    4set x 15-20reps

    4.Cable hammie-curls
    3set x 10-12reps

    5.Booty-steps with rubber-band
    4set x 15/15 steps

    4set x 15reps

    Advice and tricks:

    Squats with mini-band kicks: Start off this exercise with a low weight, there's a slight risk of hurting yourself with the kicks if your technique and form is not correct. Perhaps start with only the barbell and raise the weights as you learn the movement.

    Upper press smith machine:
    A really good exercise for contact with your glutes. Make sure you place the barbell in the middle of your feet for a steady balance. Use the safe spots in the smith machine to avoid dropping the barbell and the weights on yourself.

    Cable squats:
    Same as in the first exercise, start with a lower weight to find the right balance and technique. You don't want to fall of the bench. Besides that this is a great exercise for targeting your butt, too.

    Booty-steps with rubber band:
    Great exercise which will keep your muscles under tension for a long time. Make sure you have a big enough resistance band or see if your gym has any available for use.

    Kick-back machine:
    Many of you probably don't have this exact machine at your gym, any version is fine though. If you dont have any kick-back machine at all you can use a front leg kick machine, sitting on the floor and instead kicking it back like in this exercise. Or you could tie a resistance band to a smith machine or something and use the band as a kick-back.

    Thank you for watching, I hope this video will hope you get a better contact with your glutes, and ultimately help you define and grow a bigger booty!

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    TheRippedEffect I Live For This Shit

    In this workout video I'll will show you how to get a bigger booty without growing your legs!

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    Hi guys! In this video im showing you a glutes / booty workout with as much focus as possible on building your booty bigger. I want to grow my butt but not grow my legs, hamstrings and thighs, any bigger at the moment. So this workout will focus on contact with the booty and less contact and pressure on the legs. I hope you will find some of these exercises useful and hopefully you want to join my on my project for a bigger and wider booty! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

    Warmup 2rounds / no rest
    1.Laying squeezes
    3.Side kicks
    (Rest between sets 1min)
    1. Cable kickbacks "donkey kicks" 2set x 20reps/leg
    2. Crossed over side kicks 2set x 20reps/leg
    3. Glute bridge 4set x 15reps
    4. One leg legpress 4set x 12-15reps
    5. Walking lunges 3-4set x 10-15steps /leg
    6. Abductor x 3 angles 3set x 15reps /angle