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    With every Influencer attempting to hang on to their audience, a lot of vlogging collaborations are happening in the fitness industry.

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    Problem is, most of them suck. It's either the common "Booty Bait Workout" or Gear Heads screaming among one another during various ego-lifting (typically horrible form) period. let's not forget the overly-cinematic style editing to compensate for little to absolutely "ZERO" content and real value that would justify any current individual to sacrifice more than 10 minutes of their time.

    425lb Bench PR With Russwole | Going Super Saiyan

    Terron is an influencer I enjoy watching due to the variety of introductions into additional degrees of fitness and conditioning he's provided to his fans. An impressive physique, record breaking weightlifter, power-lifter, and overall amazing online fitness personality.

    Terron Beckham & Larry Wheels | Powerlifter Vs Athlete

    Terron has just enough entertainment to not make it a dull, lame, dry ass workout video watching two people sweating together in shared exhaustion.
    I noticed he always takes insight from the person he is collaborating with, and show great humility in regards to his own strength and talent.

    **Sidenote: Larry is also a BEAST!!!**

    Aside from his MANY informative vlogs on fitness, he also has some pretty entertaining content covering subjects outside of fitness, such as gaming. Had to show this guy some love as he's been grinding for himself and his fans for quite some time., and continues to put out valuable and Official content. Killer Athletic Training & Functional Movement With Massy Arias

    Blind Box Jumps | Athletic Training With Massy Arias Pt. 2

    1000 Rep Arm Day With GokuFlex | Terron beckham

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    Check out his Q&A just posted!