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    How Much Protein Should I Consume A Day? Does the body create its own protein? Does it matter where I get my protein from?

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    How Much Protein Should I Consume A Day
    The general rule for most people is to consume 1 to 1.3grams of protein per one pound of body-weight daily. This can change depending on the person. I'd recommend speaking with your doctor and having a health assessment completed. Taking in too much protein can cause excess to be stored as fat while the rest is emitted in form of excretion.

    Does The Body Create Its own Protein?
    Yes, protein is synthesized in our bodies from essential amino acids so the body can make it's own protein. Eating foods with essential amino acids supports protein synthesis in our bodies

    "To make protein, cells must have all the needed amino acids available simultaneously. Therefore, to make proteins the first important characteristic of protein in our diet is that it should supply at least the nine essential amino acids for the synthesis of others. If one amino acid is supplied in an amount smaller than needed, the total amount of protein that can be synthesized from others will be limited." - Jenni Ross-Wilkinson

    1. Protein Concentrate vs. Isolate
    Concentrate simply means when extracting protein from food sources non protein parts were removed, leaving a protein that's close to 70/85 percent purity. Isolate, basically levels up, filtering a higher yield of non protein content, leaving a 95 percent pure protein.

    2. Complete versus Incomplete Protein.
    As stated above, Incomplete Proteins does not have all nine essential amino acids. The body has 20 amino acids, the below 9 are important because these are the ones our bodies cannot produce on its own.

    1. histidine
    2. isoleucine
    3. leucine
    4. lysine
    5. methionine
    6. phenylalanine
    7. threonine
    8. tryptophan
    9. valine

    Does it matter where I get my protein from?
    Well, depends on diet/eating preferences. Although most people don't care (or at least not aware of the variety of sources available in protein aside from the commonly known foods such as chicken, turkey, and ground beef (which are all my first choices), though if you are vegan, or vegetarian, you would obviously explore additional options below.

    Hemp Protein

    • (90 Calories, 3g fat, 9g carbs, 15g Protein/3tbs svg
    • (Vegetarian and Vegan)
    • 20 amino acids
    • 9 essential amino acids needed by our bodies
    • Organic
    • Easy Digestion
    • Safest Plant source of protein
    • Great for pre-workout

    Soy Protein

    • (Vegetarian and Vegan)
    • 110 Calories, 1g Fat, 2.1g Carbs, 23g Protein per 28.5g svg
    • Lactose Free-Gluten Free
    • Not typically recommended due to its amount of phytoestrogens and genetic modifications.

    Whey Protein

    • 80 calories, .3g fat, 18g protein/26g svg

    • (Vegetarian but not Vegan)
    • Builds Muscle
    • Highly Absorbable
    • Easy Digestion
    • Supports Weight Loss
    • Good for those w/Lactose Intolerance

    Rice Protein (Brown)

    • 120 Calories, 0g fat, 4g carbs, 25g protein/34g svg

    • (Vegetarian and Vegan)
    • gluten-free
    • dairy free
    • antioxidants
    • Supports Weight Loss

    Casein Protein

    • 120 Calories, 1g fat, 3g card, 24g protein per 33g svg

    • (Vegetarian but not Vegan)
    • Similar to Whey
    • contains 80% of protein from cows milk

    Pea Protein

    • 70 Calories, 1g fat, 1g carbs, 14g protein per 15g serving
    • (Vegetarian and Vegan)
    • Dairy Free
    • Gluten Free

    Egg Protein

    • Best overall available protein source
    • Great for pre/post exercise
    • 110 Calories, .5g fat, 2g carbs, 24g protein/30.5g serving

    • (Vegetarian but not Vegan)

    Hope this answered your question(s)!