"Throughout my undergraduate year I completed my Fourth Year Honours Thesis in a Metabolism Laboratory. I have also taken numerous health-related courses such as; Intermediary Metabolism, Nutritional Determinants of Health, Posture Movement & Injuries Prevention, Determinants of Health, and Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II. These courses made me fall in love with the human body, exercising, and staying healthy. " - Lucy L Fitness

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1. Overhead Shoulder Press: 4x6-8
2. Lateral Raise: 4x10-12
3. Front Raise: 4x10-12
4. Standing Reverse Pec Dec: 4x10-12
5. Bent-Over Reverse Pec Dec: 4x10-12


1. a) DB Shoulder Press - 4x10 Reps
1. b) DB Lateral Raise - 4x10 Reps
2. a) DB Circle Raise - 4x10
2. b) DB Front Raise - 4x10
3. a) DB Bent-Over Angled Delt Raise - 4x10
3. b) DB Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise - 4x10
4. DB Side to Front Raise - 4x10
5. DB Upright Rows - 4x10