Let's pretend we are all clairevoyant. Let's pretend we know how this year will end, and the next will begin. If I'm right, at this point you are already declaring some type of self transformation. Whether it be mental or physical, you're telling yourself 'right now' that something in your life needs to change. You look in the mirror every morning (and night) and see it, you go to bed dreaming of it, and it clouds your mental space during the day. You can't move great because you don't feel great, and that needs to change.

Stop researching the internet. You know what it is you need to do, get the fuck up and move. It doesn't require some amazing equation to get right, it just requires the will, the desire to act, and the accountability to remain consistent through the battle. Yes, I said battle because that's exactly what it is... It get's worse before it get's better... you tend to judge yourself even more, punish yourself more, and at times become exhausted at the thought of the long road ahead. Long road? Let's be serious... the way you're living now, the way you feel... how long have you allowed 'that road' to stretch? In the time we let ourselves down and become stuck in a loop of redundant and negative habits, that time alone was enough to change your life (10x)... and the reality is, every single decision you make changes it and creates an end based on your present. We reap what we sow.

Don't focus on the movements or habits of others. More often than not, the lives we see are filtered a thousand times over... Use your natural ability of self preservation, learn how to use what holds you back as the launch pad to propel you forward. Here are a few tips at regaining the confidence to become the person you've promised to yourself you'd become in so many moments of anger, grief, sadness, and reflection.

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The higher dimensions I want you to take notice of are those you have complete control over.
Acceptance, Perception, and Expression. Everything else will flow.

1. Acceptance.
Accept where you are, accept your situation... the negatives and the positives. Accept the external things for what they are, not for what they appear to be, or may become. Life is based on the actions you take, not those taken against you. Accept that life does not bias against you individually, and others are not responsible for your personal outcomes. Most of us fear what pulls us back, and we fear the opportunity to face it and make a change to give greater value to ourselves. When you remain in the darkness for too long, the light can often be perceived as dangerous as the place you are attempting to escape. Because you can't just walk out... you have to destroy it by accepting it for what it is, so you no longer continue to give it the strength to hail over you.

2. Perception.
We perceive things based on our environment, growth, society and persuasion, and our personal surroundings. Because of this, most people have skewed perceptions of themselves and others. Because so many of our experiences are viewed from the outside in, instead of the inside out, we inadvertently become products of our environments. It's tough to transform yourself when you're still allowing yourself to be connected and persuaded by everything on the outside. Everything from your decisions to your very thoughts are weighed against irrelevant variables that have no significant impact on your development. You only create more attachments with access to affect you personally. Happiness is a state. One in which we have the ability to control. It's fragile in that it relies on our ability to perceive things in a way that it doesn't discourage us, or personally affect us. Knowing the defining key to being happy is in your ability to act, react, and view what happens outside of your ability of control as just another gainful experience in your journey out of the dark. This is life! Things are lost, and things are found... the only thing that should remain consistent through both is you, because there is always much to learn from each.

3. Express yourself, for yourself... and no one else.
This is by far the most important habit to practice. Too many times we do things not for the pleasure of ourselves, but the satisfaction of someone else. This opens the door that allows your actions and intentions to be based on the observation of others. This eventually causes conflicts in your personality and plays games with your conscious. You began to see confusion in who you really are versus what you are attempting to be(become) for everyone else around you.

The three points I mentioned above are CRUCIAL to your self-growth, and even more important towards reaching your individually defined goal(s). Whether you're goal is to have an amazing figure, stronger mental state, or just live a better, happier and less stressful life... neither can be done without complete awareness of these three factors, or every action and decision you take is done on borrowed time, and with a false sense of control.

I read the below quote on an article I found online, and it couldn't be more on point:

"The key to happiness, to success, to power—any of these things—is not to want them really bad. It’s not putting what you’re after on a pedestal. The key to happiness and success is realizing at a granular level that the things most people desire actually suck.

That being rich isn’t that great. That getting lots of attention is a chore. That being in love is also a lot of work. That the prettiest view in the world still has mosquitos or a biting chill or it’s hot as hell."
Ryan Holiday

it goes on to show just how distorted our view of what "really matters is...

Marcus Aurelius writes of sitting down to a bountiful feast. He was emperor at the height of the power of Rome so it would have been a pretty nice one. But he didn’t look out and see fancy wine or haute cuisine. Or perhaps he did at first glance, but he urged himself to look deeper. When he did, he repeated to himself what he really saw:

This is a dead fish. A dead bird. A dead pig…this noble vintage is grape juice, and the purple robes are sheep wool dyed with shellfish blood.

Seeing the truth in things is the key to happiness. Because it shows you that you do indeed have all that is needed in life. We are too often caught up in the maze of glamour... basic commodities wrapped in luxurious dressing, and we fail to notice we do indeed have everything we are chasing. We have simply been warped into believing levels that do not exist, and when we fail to meet them... we question and punish ourselves. Looking down on the very things that lie in front of us, not recognizing it's exactly what we are searching for.