Outspoken Advocate for Hustling and Self Awareness, Gary Vee, is an official inspiration. He is one of the few influencers who passionately provides and shares information with an exciting eagerness at wanting to see others succeed.

He provides content that most would package and sell, and more inspiring that watching a TED talk. I don't care what industry you are in... fitness, marketing, media, apparel... we all face the same obstacles and create/run into the same barriers. He provides a perspective that helps drive action and change into our mentality and helps fight the anxiety and fear than constantly holds us back from moving forward.

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HOW TO START | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

The biggest fears many of us face in transforming our life is the fear of starting, the fear of failing, and the fear of how others will view/judge our actions. I came across Gary at a time when I began questioning who I was, the intentions of others around me, and began allowing anxiety of moving forward to block my progress... I realized what I was missing was Self Awareness, not only of myself, but of others... my encounters, and people in general.

"Figure out who you are, dont apologize for who you are, become even greater at what you naturally are than what you are"

The Ultimate Advice For Every 20 Year Old

"Macro Patience/Micro Speed...
You need to be patient as FUCK... You need to be fast "7am - 2am" everyday (then recognize that nothing good will happen for the next 6 years")

"The whole games broken, because people are too tied up into other peoples opinions, ...Most of you care more about what others think, than what you think about yourself"

Gary helped me to realize that I needed to make the tough decisions... the decision to walk away from people who were toxic towards my development, to take a break from even those whom I loved in order to reestablish a base void of attachment and influence.


"Put your thing into a container that's invest-able, noone is writing checks to a person"

Gary: "What's blocking you?"
Guy: "I don't know...."
Gary: "Other peoples POV?"
Guy: ".....Yeees"
Gary: "That's The One Man"

"1 Out of Every 347 will...
and it's better than ZERO"

"You may have to Audit your mom"

Eating Shit for 24 Months, Doing What You Love & Monetizing Your Strengths | #AskGaryVee 237

"You should triple down on one thing, instead of being half pregnant on nine"

"Who are you trying to prove that you're successful to?"

"Every second you spend thinking about what someone else has contributes to you losing, and it's crippling your upside"

"Go DO SHIT, that actually GETS YOU THERE".

"You spend more downtime on 'not your career' this weekend, than I did in my entire 20s combined"

"I want the process of trying to buy the New York Jets, more than I want the New York Jets" ...I don't give a fuck about the end goal.. I care about the process.. because you're not 'enjoying' yourself trying to get to a million bucks over the next three years"

"The thing that most people struggle with is being VERY REAL with themselves... the "who you are" vs the "Who you think you are"

"It's much smarter to talk about your process going through this, than the advice that you think you should be giving"

"Document | Distribute VS Create"

Advice to a Young Man That Many of You Need

Below is an inside look at a Branding and Marketing business meeting with Gary Vee. This is literally the type of information most people would have others pay for to sit in or listen. He offers all information he deems to be valuable free to his community.

Lessons in Branding & Marketing