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What is an Influencer?
Individuals who have the power to affect actions, and purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship.

Perceived? - Those who project a certain identity or assumption of themselves that does not align with their true "offline" identity. This is created solely for the purpose of audience building and exposure. You're basically creating an online avatar/character of yourself to build interest much faster than you would naturally. This path is taken by at least 60% of influencers. The downside is there is always exposure, and this can quickly kill the reputation of the person almost immediately.

Basically, if you are an influencer, that means that ALL eyes are on you for some particular trait, characteristic, and or resource you provide. Which makes you an influential target for purchase decisions, and actions of others.

Numbers doesn't always equate to being an influencer. Many assume that because someone has thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of followers, that would denote that they are an influencer. This is far from the truth. Many people have large followings but are unable to engage and create cross communication. This shows real interest and value of the person. An influencer can have an audience of only 500, but create actions and discussions that are ten times as strong as an influencer with 1million.

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The quality of the audience and types of messaging and communication between them are vital as well. For example, while an influencer can carry an extremely large followings, much of the interaction often boils down to trolling, explicit conduct, or other actions that many companies or brands avoid as not to associate themselves with risks.

What are some of the traits the biggest Social Media Fitness Influencers have in common?

a. Personality | Character
The ability to project a unique personality is amusing to many people, and as much as the "be yourself" activists may hate this next statement, it's the truth. We want to see something different, and as awesome as the "regular you" may be in real life. People want an experience. Even if the information you provide is second to none, in this world of fast attention spans and on demand entertainment, providing the best of both is the golden key. It's simply recreating yourself with a little added flair for shock|reaction value.

If an actor is auditioning for a part, he or she wouldn't just step in the front of the camera and "be themselves". This would make for a pretty boring film, regardless of how great the production is or how cool that version of them may be in real life.

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WesleyVissers - 41.1k
Wesley is an influencer who actually doesn't involve much character. He has a direct approach at offering information (although a pretty unique voice which is highlighted by many of his new followers). His biggest audience grabber is something not many fitness influencers can use... his form. He has outstanding genetics and a unique build, which creates interests in his processes when becoming show ready, or his various workout routines. This is realized due to the drop in subscribers views, during his bulking season, and the rapid increase in interests when he is at his most conditioned. My favorite aspect about Wesley is that he transcribes all video workouts, making it easier for followers to take notes of favorite routines. This creates a great return effect to his channel.

b. Unique Hook
With Influencers, the hook is often the same as the character. Whether it's the Famous "Propahh Talk" of Lui Marco... The humble giant approach of Bradley Martyn, The addictive cringe effects of Cassidy Cambell, The Swag Life of Christian Guzman, or the unique and interesting insights of Nicks Strength & Power. They have all recognized their primary strengths, and created a foundation based around that to build a like-minded audience. It's the fitness industry, EVERYONE looks great, and the fact of the matter is you can only provide so much fitness content at face value before you've ran your course. Whether you're a male of female fitness influencer, regardless of how great your body looks, it depreciates with every view. The ability to consistently project a different view into your world is what will help to maintain and build interest.

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Qimmah Russo - 974k
Qimmah Russo is an LA based fitness influencer with a variety of talents she teases throughout her social media. Gymnastics, Basketball, Dance, Weightlifting, and a stunning figure has helped her create amazing opportunities by showcasing her best assets, coupled with a consistent hustle to prove "it doesn't come easy". This approach has provided her a myriad of fans and clients.
c. They have outstanding Consistency
I'll say it again, consistency. Many fans will not engage or interact until a few cycles into your progress. Most people change or second guess their methods so much they lose potential audiences without realizing it. For example, most content creators (on YouTube) with over 100k followers speaks of how it took them MONTHS, just to attain double digit subscribers.. then out of nowhere, it just took one video, interaction, share, etc to boost their numbers dramatically. The consistency of maintaining their content would become the most important factor in whether they convert the dramatic increase into a residual audience, or immediately lose the opportunity through poor follow-up or production.
Christian is a rare breed of hustle, and the poster influencer of efficiency and production. He's created a story that is reminiscent of the average persons ambition, and infuses life, love, friends, and business together in his brand so fluidly it becomes difficult to tell where it starts and stops. He broadcasts a life that many seek to obtain, yet does it so humbly it doesn't seem out of reach of the average fans ability provided hard work and hustle.
d. Everything is "ACTION".
Another factor I cannot stress enough of. Everything you post, or create online should be a representation of the brand you are attempting to communicate. View your content with an outside eye and ask yourself if it reflects the idea you want others to perceive.
e. They Have a Great Story.
People love a good story, regardless of the genre. It helps to develop a deeper connection with the character by sharing personal struggles, goals, and seeing the progress towards attaining them. What are you passionate about? What excites you? Why are you doing what you do? Always ensure the cause is recognizable, connections through a like-minded cause is one of the best avenues to build on a STRONG influencer audience.
f. Make it look natural, and organic.
Deep down inside, we know you worked your ass off day in and day out... but noone wants to know they have to work that hard (even though they know, weird). The easier you make it look, the more curiosity and interest into other areas of your brand (YOU) are created. People want to see growth, it gives them hope.. but also creates a connection between you and the audience through experience. You want your audience to be ambassadors of your brand, and to do so.. you need to show them (for the most part) that your decisions and actions all essentially lead to positive results.

Trying to be an Influencer Today.
A tough market, and many more barriers to entry than it was in the beginning. Because people are almost willing to do, be, or say anything for the sake of recognition it makes it much harder for those attempting to move naturally. Not to mention with the influx of people now broadcasting themselves the competition and demand is much higher... creating yet another issue.. to be recognized can often take measures you're not able to maintain after.

There is a large F&%king Audience for almost EVERYTHING.
This is the light at the end of the tunnel for you. So long as you are genuine, unique in your approach, and constantly look for ways to progress, you will find your audience... (they will find you). Just keep focus on doing what you enjoy, creating content (regardless of the numbers) <<< just like bodybuilding, the key is to stop focusing on the numbers, and focus on the "growth" instead. When you focus on numbers, you lose creativity.. when you focus on growth, you develop it.