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---- Transcribed Notes -----

1-2 Compound Movements
Accessory/Isolation Movements.

Squats and Hip Thrusts are my Recommended Compound Movements.

*Most people cannot feel the activation in their glutes during squats and are more QUAD Dominant* Proper training/Mind Muscle Connection are important.

**Compound Movements increase strength and size far more effectively than isolation exercises** although accessory exercises are still effective.

How to activate Glutes....

During squats

1. Increase load/weight
(progressive overload > adding on more weight)
*Increased lower limb activation as a result of increased load*
*with more weight glutial muscle activity increases
(Recommended Rep Count on Heavy Wieght: 4x6-8 Reps)
2. Widen your squat stance
"Extreme stance widths of 40% wider than shoulder width or twice the width of the hips result in greater activation of adductors of the thigh and gluteus maximus
3. Lean Forward
"A trunk flexion of 30degrees activated the gluteus maximus more than a flexion of 0 or 15 degress.]
4. Turn Your Feet Outwards
For better engagement in the external hip rotation

During Barbell Hip Thrusts

(Engages Quads, Hams, Calves, Lower Back, and Ab Muscles).
More effective for glute activation than back squats.
1. Line Upper Back against a secure bench
2. Use Pad/Mat
3. Barbell placed evenly
4. Feet shoulder width apart
5. Spine/Pelvis stay in neutral position

****Accessory Isolation Movements ****

Any that involve hip extension/hip external rotation.
1. Cable Pull throughs
a. Stand a few feet in front of cable
b. Lowest Pully position.
c. Rope Between Legs
d. Feet Wide Apart and Turned Outwards
e. Bend at hips, trunk fwd flexion, knees bent, arms straights, and extend hips.
2. Doggie Kickbacks
3. Single Leg Exercises
(Single Leg Squat) (Targets parts of the gluteus maximus in areas double leg exercises cannot)