Bakhar Nabieva and her open thoughts/experiences on her steroid use. What do you think? Is it worth the risk and changes? I'll admit, there are those very rare occasions where my displeasure with Steroid use is 'almost' overshadowed by an impressive development accompanied with great genetics that sells the idea... Bakhar damn near shadowed me... but I prevailed ..although her eyes are pretty eerie...

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@1:30 she starts speaking on steroid use. How it affected the tone of her voice, and goes on to make a few other comment

  • "Anyways, I don't want to turn into a man" but my voice changed, really changed"

  • "I've been before aggressive, but now it's just too much"
  • "This horny shit is crazy, I can't control myself at all"

  • "This feeling is awful" (but it's worth it)

  • "Somehow I don't care, I don't know why, I'm okay with this"

  • "Even though my trainer suggested I take a rest and stop for awhile, I said "I just started"

  • "I haven't had big changes, only voice and mental, I'm okay down there, I don't have a dick,*" (thanks god!)

I can't front here though... GAAAAWD DAAAAAMN!

3 things disturbing her from her steroid use.

1. She became really aggressive (Always angry)
2. The change in her voice
3. Muscle Cramps