So according to news sources, Cam Newton lost quite a small amount of sponsorship's for his "apparently" sexist remark towards a female Journalist when asked about "run routes".

See the video below to see what I'm yapp'n about.

As as male, I can't count HOW many times I have made that comment! "It's funny to hear a girl talk about....." not to be perceived as undermining, but simply a statement based on my common encounters with women. I immediately took his statement as complimentary, and let's not forget how he immediately answered the question seriously after making the comment.

The problem, feminism is becoming a growing cancer to society. The truth is that men and woman ARE NOT the same, we ARE NOT equal on MANY platforms. This band crazed group of women who are attacking men from every angle appears to be done so in a way that even our basic masculinity is censored. I LOVE my women, my sisters... and all my people, but holy shit... you cannot standardize perception, no ill will was intended here. Why is the media pushing this shit so hard? I mean they are REALLLY pushing this topic down our throats... what's the end game here?