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Go behind the scenes of the Olympia with Seven Bucks Digital Studios! We’re going to show you what being at the Super Bowl of bodybuilding is really like!

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Special thanks to Amazon Commentators: Shawn Ray, Dan Solomon & Carla Sanchez, as well as Jim Manion, Robin Chang, Maria Ibarra, Steve Weinberger, Sandy Williamson, Gold’s Gym (Venice) and Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym

Production Company - Sons of Summer
Executive Producer - Steven Kiefer, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi, Dwayne Johnson, Erin Lardy
Producer - Thomas Meredith
Directed by Steven Kiefer
Written by Thomas Meredith, Ash Burritt
Director of Photography - Ryan Neil Postas
Creative Director - Mikkel Aranas
Post Supervisor - Thomas Meredith
Edited by Jesse Dvorak
Music Composer - Jermaine Stegall
Makeup - Fabiola Arancibia, Robin Golightly, Ariel Campagna
Assistant Camera - Traiana Nescheva
Assistant Camera - Scott Minshall
Sound - John Rampey, Lee Frank, Frank Flaherty
Audio Mixer - David Das
Voice Over - Mark Smeltzer
Grips - Raul Morales, Shai Keston Nix
Kel Aranas - Media Management
Jason Cowan - Media Management
Production Assistant - Ash Burritt, Justin Kratzer, Eric Paperth
Gaffer - Jason D’Aversa, Spencer "Best in Denver"