Consistency, Patience, and Discipline. Okay, they are 'obviously not supplements, but they are by far the most difficult things to ingest for most people. But I get it, it's much easier to go buy a tub of white powder and attempt to shake yourself into some immaculate transformation.... Do you know why the supplement industry is BOOMING so well right now?

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Because of people like you... physically uneducated, with zero desire to self-educate... You waste a shit ton of money on protein, mass gainers, pre-workouts, and ironically somehow become dedicated enough to guzzle down that mix of shit by the hour, but couldn't have enough self-control to go the few extra lengths to have REAL accountability over REAL food.

Stop allowing these superimposed Social Media tools to help you siphon $$ out of your pockets because you think that the "Glute-Powder 3000" is about to turn your little apricot booty into a rotundant watermelon. Because the truth of the matter is, Supplements are pretty much USELESS for about 80% of it's users.

I see people purchasing Mass gainers in the hopes to increase their build exponentially, while their water intake is well below 10%, their daily food intake won't fill up a 10 year olds stomach, and/or the shit they are eating (likely some IIFYM bullshit) is completely counterproductive to what their overall goal is. So what do they do? They supplement their "IhavenofuckingideawhatImdoing" mentality with a lot of "Ihavenofuckingideawhatimtaking" ....because some roided up gear head wearing an "I'm all natural cloth" sponsored by XXXlabs is telling you to... or even better... the Insta-model with 100+ lower back breaking booty poses is telling you so... (Honestly, I'm kinda amazed at how well it works on folks) **while I silently whisper** (dat ass though).. then move along.

In the back of their minds though, they know how ridiculous they are. They know all it takes is hard ass work, nail biting accountability, and consistency... because consistency tells you to eat when you don't feel like it... it tells you to drink water when you are fucking sick of H20... it tells you to get off your lazy ass to the gym and stress the living HELL out of your body to help it evolve... Accountability tells you that you know good and damn well those donuts, chips, ice cream and soda doesn't belong in your mouth at midnight, or better yet... it doesn't belong in your colon every day of the week!!! ....Anything to confuse the truth, right babe? (RIP Rich Piana).

So basically, you eat like ass (not literally "eat ass") then attempt to make it all better with a pantry of pills and powders. Most people lack the discipline and patience to do it the right way, that use shitty reasoning to justify their excessive supplement intake. It shows in their form, structure, base, and their pretty off balanced gains because they are not allowing their body to organically build, they're just a walking mix of chemicals and other basic shit.

Do you even protein bro? Do you know the difference in the many types of proteins? How each type affects your bodys growth over an extended period of time? What exactly is the difference between a chicken breast and a scoop of whey isolate protein? What's the benefit of each? When and "why" should you use a supplement powder? You should use a supplement powder when you find yourself to lazy to properly prep foods that would provide a 1,000 times more benefit... You're an excessive spender and too broke to eat correctly, so fuck it... gotta do something right?

Don't get me wrong. I tend to use supplements as well, but the key word here guys "supplement" not "replace" ...a lot of you have the game phucked up. Though the only supplement I do use is protein. Mostly to get an added boost shortly after a main meal, which is mixed in a nice array of fruits and berries... I use Muscle Milk Protein because I like the flavor when added to my smoothies. Which goes to show for me it's not really about the protein, because I'm good in that department, and I prefer not to be dependent on things that can't be properly digested with utensils.. if ya knowwuddimean?

I can understand someone wanting to take a whey pre workout over a full course meal prior to lifting. Minimize that excessive "full" effect which could take away from the lift experience. But if you've established a routine and foundation, I doubt it would have any effect at all on your body. Again, I'm not saying completely stop use of your supplements, they have their benefits (time and place). The trick is knowing the time and place, according to your individual needs.

Take a trip to the Doc, get some bloodwork done.. get an idea of the foods most beneficial to your type. Consume meals that your bodys is more prone to respond better to. "Know yourself" people. I see alot of "fitness professionals" that seem to know more about the products they buy than the body they are putting it in... seems a bit backwards eh? But if any novice spends too much on the internet, they'll eventually get sold into the hype... we lose a possibly great muscular development to supplement use everyday.

so get your head on right folks. First of all, if you're 16-27 you shouldn't be messing with that crap anyway. Your body is already a processing powerhouse if you take care of it. Stop letting these insulin injected freaks con you into their shitty discount codes, basic ass products, and just about whatever else flows from their face holes. Never take advice on your long journey from those who've taken the shorter routes to avoid the struggles...

Consistency, Discipline, and Patience. That's what's #Official.