People are FUCKING LAZY, the United States has the highest incidents of diabetes ever recorded. We have the highest rate of heart disease in history. The rate of obese people in the population is at an all time high. To tell you to UNFUCK yourselves would be putting it too nicely. But I doubt you're too busy to hear me.... not productively busy, of course... just being a consistently lazy, unmotivated piece of shit.

I'm fired up!!!!!
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A Study has proven that 92% of people never get close to reaching any goal they set for themselves.
Sitting here scrolling through my timeline to look for some creative motivation, slight muses... You know, something that gives me an added push towards progress in being productive outside of my own efforts, it couldn't me more truthful and apparent, people are primarily lazy, self absorbed, defensive, unmotivated, falsely entitled, and fearful. Anything that requires a consistent physical effort and doesn't provide an immediate tangible reward is eventually sabotaged by their own thinking, ....which is more conducive to being socially accepted, coddled, and being understood for being so mis-understood.

"Why create or do anything the long and right way when there's an easier path that's just shorter?" -- The Lazy fucks.

Everything (But Us) has become instantaneous... If we have the resources, we don't need to experience the journey, we can just "Be there"...Why read to understand? With Google, you don't have to understand, now you're able to instantaneously know. The Journey is where strength is found... limits are met and tested, and understanding of self and environment is seeded. When you have the ability to "know" it seemingly trumps the desire to perform actions that would otherwise grant you with the required persistence and consistency... but this illusion of 'knowing' makes that journey seem redundant.

This environment, or new society... it calls to us 24 hours a day. Breaking News, Notifications, on Demand Entertainment... and everyone's constant need to be seen, accredited, and praised with every step they take... even for the "thought" of doing something. It's frowned upon to criticize, even when it's obvious that the source of failure is external.

8 Years. For 8 years I've seen the same people make resolutions to lose weight, stop procrastinating, change their situation... still seeking validation without action, and for 8 years I've seen these same people grow fatter, become even more useless to themselves while still clinging to daily ideas of "improvement" to help evade the reality that "this is it" ....until they have convinced themselves enough that they've simply become the victim of someone else choices and actions.

To be anything in this society now takes double the effort than it ever did before. Before, you needed passion, disciple, and a real desire to be better. Things were not readily available, So you needed mental fortitude just as much as physical... You created habits of action simply through necessity due to lack of resources... what has been removed here is the necessity as the resources (or appearance of) has been provided... Making many people feel that hard work is meaningless (which is ironic because it's these very same people who NEVER go anywhere in life). Also, not everyone was pulled apart by this new over-saturated and loud economy, people actually pushed one another through shared interests, and teams were real, actual "teams". Now, it's up to the individual (even in a group), to make the best of their desires come to fruition, as everyone else eventually gets pulled into their own fantasy of relevancy.

You have to fucking EVOLVE yourself. You lazy Piece of shit. Sounds harsh, but you are.. You sit there thinking of mind-blowing statuses and posts to amuse hundreds of your friends yet lack the talent to amuse your dreams because it can't give you the immediate 'meaningless' sanctification you crave like a junkie. Everyday is another push to the side... another damn excuse... another layer of fat, another large debt... and another person who loses faith in you behind the scene, but through sheer routine, still "likes" like hopeless echoes of change and empowerment you continue to preach to the world of strangers you dance for daily while everything else slowly deteriorates around you.

Get Fired The Fuck Up and Do Something!

The truth, all over the page.
Are we a lazy generation? |

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