Sodium is one of the variables responsible for the "Pump/Fullness" effect many bodybuilders seek when stepping on Stage. Although Sodium is a necessary component, other factors such as water intake/depletion, carb/glycogen, and potassium levels are all correlated and must be appropriately managed to achieve the highest possible effect on your form.

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USA - Recommended Daily Intake: 2,000 to 2,500 Milligrams/day
Keep in mind, this is for normal average everyday citizen.

Average human Consumption: 3,500 to 4,000 Milligrams/day
Why so much more than recommended? Processed Foods.

Important to note: many stage and photo-shoot prep diets/routines are not recommended for extended use, and more often than not, many bodybuilders/models/fitness professionals risk extensive damage undergoing these extreme measures as the body prefers to maintain it's natural state, and the end-result we often seek for shows/shoots are not natural and NOT healthy on the body. The most healthy way to ensure the best possible results are through a consistent and well maintained diet followed with adequate training.

Sodium and Water Manipulation for a Physique Show

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