Aside from that pork in the beginning, Great Information from Terron Beckham!
listen to a few mistake teenagers make in fitness/life and some of my life experiences and thoughts.

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01. Too Many Supplements

Preferred Supplements:

  • Carb (Karbolic) - to help with pump, muscular endurance (good substitute for those who don't pefer pre-workout meals.
  • Creatine (monohydrate) - Don't worry about worry about water weight, the body needs water to grow, only more of a concern for bodybuilders pre-show).
  • Agmatine Sulfate - Beneficial for NOS synthesis, mental clarity/focus, insulin sensitivity, helps with increasing appetite (great for lean body mass).

02. Focusing too much on Media (What others are doing)
Analyzing your own life based on what you see versus what you don't have. This conflicts with your personal movements, and it needs to controlled.

03. Not enough Conditioning.
Needed for

  • Longetivity
  • Lean Muscular Build
  • Keep your athletic backgroud

*Recommended Conditioning Work 2-3 Times a Week*
Examples: 10 one hundred meter Sprints (30 seconds rest) or 5 Suicides.
  • Helps keep body composition

04. Understand Reality
(non custom meals will not work for you the way they work for others, they may be custom to the "goal" but not necessarily to "you")
  • Visit a doctor and get blood-work, find out what you are sensitive to, what type of foods you should avoid, what types of foods should be restricted from your diet, etc. When it comes to food choices, you need to knowledgeably understand yourself and take it seriously. Although there are professionals

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