To my surprise, finding a partner after going through a lifestyle transformation (Physical, Mental, Health) has proven to be the most complicated, and stressful aspect of my personal life... I didn't expect this at all, I assumed with this great transformation that my possibilities would become broader, and finding someone suitable to my habits would come easier. >> WRONG.

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"Health is so much more than fad diets and trendy workouts. Achieving optimal health requires you to change your whole lifestyle. It requires a Lifestyle Transformation." - Christopher Rivas

Damn I was wrong. It's not that the pool of potential didn't open, in fact it did.. and it continues to. The problem is that while my reach have blossomed, MY lifestyle has caused me to drastically narrow down on my scope and re-evaluate MY interests, because when your life changes, everything typically changes with it.

If you were to think back on the type of person you would have sought before, I am sure they carried traits that were complementary of where you were in your life then (unless you were one of those people who enjoyed looking "way outside of your ball park"). For me, it could have been anyone. I wasn't seriously involved with health and fitness... Although I was educated, I was not actively seeking a self-sustained professional career.. My diet was "whatever, but nothing 'too crazy', and my schedule was pretty much open to whatever. So it's safe to say I could have easily molded by habits to conform with almost any type of relationship... which was definitely not a great starting point.

Lifestyle Transformation Areas:
- Mental Health
- Professional Health (career/finance)
- Physical Health
- Emotional Health
Now... it's much different. I mean, I'm not a diet freak... but I am much more conscious of what goes in, I still cook and eat amazing meals, but now avoid the guilty pleasures responsible for much of our health issues. I ensure to allocate a significant portion of my time towards my physical fitness & my professional interests/networking. You begin to realize just how limited time is when you choose to move right for yourself, and this thinking plays a major role in how time is spent, so free time is cherished. If it isn't planned, the chances of me jumping on a spur of the moment outing is unlikely. Many people make this lifestyle appear easy, but it's takes work and constant discipline and dedication behind the scenes.

In order for your life to go according to your wants, you need to move according to it's needs.

Many people think it's all about fitness, and assume you need to find someone who loves fitness just as much you do... this is incorrect. The biggest change in all of this is in the mind. Just having a partner who understands and respects the way you think and values that is the best case scenario. Let's remember, this article isn't about dating a "Fitness Freak", (noone likes those), but someone who now understands themselves better, and the overall "relationship of things" in their life.

I think bigger... I want more, and I am willing to push boundaries to achieve it. It's important to date someone who enjoys looking to the future, and appreciates goals and consistency.. they will understand those day to day decisions because they recognize the end possibilities. That will make for the perfect relationship..

In many relationships, things become difficult because of heavy contrasts between peoples style of living, these contrasts makes it more difficult to see a mutual end-goal and present interests, creates tension, and in many cases unhealthy competition and envy among partners.

There are plenty of niche websites and dating apps now available to help guide people in a better direction towards finding someone who compliments their particular lifestyle choice, but one thing we all have to understand is no matter what there will always be a degree of sacrifice needed in order for even the best compatibility to work between couples.