Threw these transformation images together to get a better snapshot of my progress. In 2015 after a "very long" hiatus from training, I spent months back in the gym and started to feel a little more comfortable again. So confident in fact I scheduled a photoshoot, only one of those pictures made it on my social media, and I was wearing a shirt. I was definitely not impressed with my progress after seeing my images.

It wasn't until 2016 during a pretty rough breakup from a relationship, and about a year alone and working on myself that I somehow found all the motivation and tools I needed to change. This was also when I began incorporating better eating and living habits. My entire perspective and outlook then changed.

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2016 to 2017 (September)
Damn sure couldn't get 'close' to doing a vaccum on the left, no abdominal control and less form on my obliques.
Arms definitely improved.

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2015 to 2017 September
This shit is night and day... crazy thing is, I was flexing on the left as well lol
Quads were not too present then either, they are becoming my staple now.

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2015 to 2017 (September)
Looking back at these amuses the hell out of me.
I was flexing my heart out on the left lmao... on the right it took no effort at all.

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