So what will it be? Another empty promise... resolution... a few weeks (or months if you're REALLY on one) until you relapse back into that loop... day in.. day out. Same mistakes.. same outcomes. It's funny how many people live their days in a loop, yet time always (and will only) move straight. I mean, these days... months, years.. they basically repeat themselves, the hour, minute, and second hand repeats itself.... but time doesn't, it's not possible... we make it appear as such, though it infinitely moves forward, the only thing that doesn't is us. Does it give us this inadvertent feeling that we have more time than exists? Yes... yes it does. So say it again, Next year will be yours, right?

Anyone can do that... but who can make the universal sacrifice? For many people it's letting go of over a decade's worth of habit; it's an extreme concentration of self-discipline and daily battle of dissonance, impulse, urge, and inhibition.

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"Sometimes I wish there were a reset button on life, unfortunately... due to being parallel with time, life is linear in one direction and such things are not possible. The only way to reset is to work hard and change the outcome of our current circumstances. To humbly learn (and benefit) from our mistakes and take them in stride." - Unknown.

So If You're REALLY ready to change your life... Know this.

These are all wars that must be fought and won alone... it takes strong will and a level of dedication that borders on obsession while cautiously balancing the scale. It takes searching to find your own uniqueness, and removing doubt and self consciousness with insight and understanding.

In order to be the best version of yourself, you must first recognize who you are... who you are not, and what others may have led you to become. Through recognizing who you are, and the strength and power you hold through a simple conscious endeavor, your sights become readjusted, and you begin to see things as they should be. It's pretty awesome actually... you literally bring yourself through an awakening, by waking the best part(s) of yourself, and bringing it to life.

This is the hardest road you will ever take. Yet the one with the most rewarding destinations. The difficulty of this transition is all in the mind... Our minds are built to sustain, and survive... or at least that's how they've became calibrated since our youth.

For us to be so advanced as a species... to view ourselves in such a high regard among other living creatures, our understanding of ourselves *internally* is nearly void. Many do not understand the causes of effects of every variable that has the ability to shift our reasoning. From emotion, to thought, to feeling... to action. We operate on a cruise mental state, not reflecting on our actions until that action has created an effect, and because of dissonance, avoidance, or just basic ignorance we become forced to repeat the same actions, and make the same decision(s) daily.

The mind is an amazing tool. It will TELL you how much it wants to change... how great it would be to do this for yourself, or how positive a certain act would be no matter the difficulty... then in the same space, it would attempt to dispel all physical attempts at reaching these points, often leading to decisions much more harmful in the long run... but easier to handle in the present because of instantaneous gratification. Why? Because our bodies and mind works in the present.. although we KNOW the benefits... it's not tangible, which easily makes certain outcomes seem impossible... the more you allow these thoughts of impossibility to remain, the mind will only see stress, pain, possible failure, which in-turn it will attempt to protect you from... even if the current method can cause future problems... because again, our mind only works in the present.

So we need to give power to our VISION. Make what we see real, true, and fact. Visualize our better selves so strongly our mind syncs and recognizes those visions as fact, and takes the appropriate actions to bring THAT to life. We can just see the results and reward, we HAVE to see the struggle we have to face... understand it in detail, accept it... and see the best version that lies after it. Our minds WILL adapt to fight for a greater purpose, but you have to be willing to let go.

You will encounter obstacles with friends, family, and loved ones... because to make a change that exists outside the relm of those around you often leads to misunderstandings, judgements, and biases. If I can be honest, you may even lose a few people you thought you never would. No one but you will understand your journey until it's complete, so never be misdirected by the intentions or opinion of others. Keeping yourself encapsulated in an environment that doesn't let you expand beyond possibility is where much of our anxiety, stress, and depression is found. Only we have the individual power to change who we are, how we think, and how we live. To choose any other way is a decision made by you. You live how YOU choose. You are who YOU choose. You'll become what YOU choose.

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