I feel this subject cannot be touched on enough. Filtering your life for the pleasure of other strangers online is definitely not a new concept. However it is one that has skyrocketed in the past year alone finding it's way into the fitness industry and industry of people who 'supposedly' pride themselves on hard work and consistency to achieve that "superior package". But with perfection being a few clicks, clones and filters away... many fitness industry professionals and non professionals are using these tools to persuade fans to buy their products and services. It's even gone as far as other companies and brands deliberately altering other fitness professionals images to be used for their own interests. The only ones losing in this game are the fans, customers, and honest professionals who grind daily to reach their goals. I can imagine the frustration a world class power lifter must have struggling to build his audience, while a social media influencer has garnered over one million + plus fans, sponsors and significant earnings all while simply using fake weights. Or the Figure Models, Personal Trainers, and Coaches who are competing with Photoshop trainers and athletes... editing and reconstructing every part of their body to the point their entire image is a made up illustration online.

Because of this new surge the talent pool has grown larger, competition has gotten tougher, and to make a name or any significant impact in the industry it appears that extravagant lengths must be taken... because any act or moral nature will only be drowned out before it can even make a ripple. The below vlog was done back in March by fitness industry Professional Mike Thurston. Oddly enough, the below image is also of Mike Thurston, which was edited without his knowledge (the image on the right) and used on a fitness brands page on Instagram. This page had MILLIONS of followers, and no images posted were done so under the intent of humor or having been filtered. This only leads to the question of just how many of these images are being falsely circulated online in a bid to sell services to gullible and willing individuals?

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It's not just about the $$$ being siphoned from customers.. It's the complexes being created through these fictitious and unrealistic images. Just as many Instagram "models" are resorting to butt injections, implants, and fake breast to further sell an idea of beauty and fitness... Men are also using their own methods such as steroids, silicone... while everyone seems to be photo-shopping and editing the reality out of their persona.

Anyway, check out Mikes Video Below.