Last night, after a complex battle of mentality and cognitive dissonance (i.e., convincing myself to go train ...or why I don't need to), I managed to escape the comfort of my home and made it to the gym. While performing a series of calisthenic and free weight routines something happened that rarely EVER happens during my sessions... my attention got pulled elsewhere, not to mention the fact that she performed her sets within arms length of me, but this wasn't some bro science hint of attraction, so no awesome story to tell, she was focused AF... I knew who she was... "Celeste Brightt: IG Model, Wilhelmina Model, Social Influencer, and obviously bad as hell."

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Everywhere bro... get out the house, maybe.

Featured on Sports Illustrated ( as the "Lovely Lady Of a Day" and they couldn't have been more correct. She is as personable in "beast mode" as she is on social media.

She was also recently featured on iShine365's "About A Girl" Segment
after completing her first runway show this year for Swim Week

She has an amazing smile, attractive personality, and the few times I've spotted her at places I train she's working her ass off, hat low, and looking very focused. Fitness isn't simply about large muscle peaks, or ripped and shredded definitions, many industry models perform the same style of training as a figure or bikini model... however maintenance in this industry is more essential than build.

Oh yeah, the best of all! She loves her some In & Out..

Little known fact:
Celeste boyfriend is Musician, Cris Cab. They met on the set of his
Music Video Bada Bing

Some recent shots